Forearm amputated, a year of chemotherapy and surgeries at leading cancer facility, with NO results. Planned treatment: Surgical “Quarter Body Resection” of collarbone, scapula and entire left shoulder!

In 7 weeks with Heart Forgiveness, Core Health, and Dr. Garcia, M.D., all cancer vanishes.
(Link both Core Health and Dr. Garcia’s site.)

Journal of Am. Medical Assn. Oct 21, 2009 reported by NY Times,
“Cancer Vanishes without Treatment” is the title,
and in the article “cells… revert to normal.
This article is not related to Core Health’s growing string of success expanding health.

This article acknowledges what Core Health, Dr. Bruce Lipton and others are validating in the body’s amazing capacity to return to wellness when we get Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit FREE of junk and baggage accumulated in life by expanding our natural inborn core of health.


“I am 37 years old, eat conscientiously for my body and mind, consistently exercise, spend time outdoors in Colorado, yet found myself with elevated blood pressure suddenly in March 2012 to 150s by 100s. In spite of acupuncture, herbs and repeated affirmations, my numbers remained high. I almost always felt tensed.

“After 4 sessions of Heart Forgiveness with Mary Ellen Rivera, my blood pressure returned to 110s by 60s, my lifelong “normal.”

“A couple of days later one of my patients asked me if I was pregnant, citing that I was glowing and radiant! I feel both joyful and astounded at the profound and rapid change. Thank you!”

Warm Regards, Dr. Star Malhotra


“I’ve had a lop-sided smile since I was a young girl. I met a friend of my dad’s who smiled that way, and I was curious about it. I imitated the smile. Shortly thereafter the friend passed away, but the smile stayed. Years later I realized he smiled that way because he chewed tobacco. I’ve tried to correct my smile many times over the years, but it’s never worked.

“Last night on the way home from Heart Forgiveness second session, the right side of my face tingled – the sort of pins and needles feeling that you get when your sleeping foot starts to wake up. I knew what it was, although I was very surprised to be feeling this. I hadn’t remotely been intending to work on my smile last night!

“When I arrived home, I asked my husband to look at me and see if he could tell a difference. Certainly, he could. 🙂 Coincidentally, earlier that day I had mentioned I wanted something of a makeover…wow! What a fulfillment!

“I had tears of gratitude in my eyes last night; my face still tingles and my smile is still straight this morning. Thank you, Mary Ellen, and Dr. Ed for the work that you do. What an incredible gift. I’m so excited for the future – both future sessions, and in general!”

Warmly, Dr. Cynthia Clark, AP, ACN

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