Dr. Ed Carlson

Dr. Ed Carlson

With intense curiosity Dr. Carlson has actively studied and researched Life Energy.

Life Energy flows through all living things plants, animals, people.

Dr. Carlson’s focus is on factors which enhance Life Energy, and factors which diminish Life Energy. This is demonstrated by a simple muscle test used for 50 years by health professionals, and now by scientists, athletes, and in marketing. [See History of Energy Measuring]

For 35 years Dr. Carlson led Unceasing Meditation groups using his research and understanding. Out of this developed the immense power of Core Health.

The practical applications of Core Health are in the series Expanding Our Healthy Core, Heart Forgiveness, Healthy Weight Beyond What Goes Into Your Mouth, Are you FUNNY with Money?, and Powerful and Positive Communication. [Read more.]

His innovative DTQ Process (Deeply, Thoroughly, Quickly) dynamically achieves precise, powerful, permanent re-activation of a persons innate Core Health.

Dr. Carlson continues in-depth research into the underlying core aspects of health and dis-ease. He has discovered that expanding our inborn Core Health often dissolves our outer challenges.

As a child, Ed Carlson decided to become a dentist, join the Air Force, and travel around the world.

Dr. Carlson graduated, summa cum laude, from Emory University Dental School.

As a Captain in the U.S. Air Force in Turkey, he traveled extensively in the Middle East.

Leaving the Air Force, Dr. Carlson explored Europe for 8 months followed by Asia and Japan for 6 months immersing himself in the wisdoms and sacred texts of each culture.

Achieving 7 Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do Karate advanced his understanding of the application of energy. Practicing Preventive Dentistry, Dr. Carlson became an avid student of nutrition. For 8 years, he participated in research by the Southern Academy of Clinical Nutrition lead by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, MD, DDS, University of Alabama oriented toward preventive and predictive medicine.

While developing a thriving practice, Dr. Carlson provided leadership in his community from the neighborhood to state levels. He continues strong involvement with his community and the environment. Ed enjoys 6 healthy productive adult children and 4 beautiful grandchildren all wonderful teachers.

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Contact: Health@CoreHealth.us

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