Anger – Management or Elimination

Personal Energy is a very new and unique way of looking at anger. This turns everything inside out and upside down. Rather than anger management, let’s take a look at anger from a new perspective. Let’s gain a different approach rather than seeing, knowing, and feeling anger from the “human” part of you. Let’s expand to viewing anger from the “being” part of you. We are all “human beings” – a human aspect and a BEing aspect. We are both form and energy. This is a given. People are learning to understand this concept. Rather than having anger, and doing anger management, let’s look at anger from an energy point of view and see where that takes us.

From the human perspective, anger is more than just a word. Anger is a feeling, an emotion, and a bodily sensation that resonates in human beings. Is this a necessary part of being human? The answer is “NO!” We do NOT need to have anger and “manage” it with anger management. We can live free of anger.

You were not born knowing how to be angry. Anger is a learned skill and behavior you acquired by watching your parents, brothers and sisters, peers, and many others who expressed and exhibited anger. You watched. You learned. You took on this new skill, and it became an integral part of you. Therefore, since you learned it ~ you can unlearn it.

Yes, but how? That is the great question. There is also a great answer.

A dictionary definition of anger: “a revengeful passion or emotion directed against one who inflicts a real or supposed wrong; a sudden violent displeasure accompanied by an impulse to retaliate.”

In actuality, plain and simple, from an energy point of view, anger is a vibrational energy frequency. It resonates within you causing you pain and discomfort. It can, however, be energetically erased, and it can be totally eliminated from your body and being. This is freedom, pure and simple!

Each time that you become angry, you explode like a volcano. The “lava” of energetic anger slides down and surrounds you. You are immersed in an energy field of anger. Trying “anger management” is fruitless – even when it does not show on the outside, you and your body are being damaged on the inside. You have created an energy prison for yourself. Anger manages and controls you. The key to set your self free is a Purposeful Energy Decision and shift in energy flow.

Consider the usual scenario: Over the years you have filled yourself up with the energy frequency of anger. It is resonating within you. When someone “shoots” anger at you, or pushes your ignition button, that energy spark connects to the energy “fuel” of anger within you which has accumulated over many years. You ignite. In other words, you explode with anger. Sound familiar?

Alternately, think of what your life can be like without the energy frequency of anger in and around you. Someone “shoots” anger at you, that energy “hits” you. You, however, are on “empty”. You have erased all the energy of anger from your body and being. Therefore, there is no energy frequency of anger vibrating in you. Nothing happens. There is no explosion. You are still. You speak calmly. You respond to the incident or situation calmly. That is because you are calm. Wow! What a great way to live life!

This can be your life. This can be your reality. Many people today live their life resonating at an energy frequency that is free of anger. Heart Forgiveness is a process that can and will resolve your anger issues, deeply, thoroughly, and quickly. Rather than more words or more information, this is an “experiential experience”. Heart Forgiveness is the key move beyond “anger management” to set your self free from the energy bondage of anger. Live FREE of anger!

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